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How You Can Stop Fighting

How many times were you taught this lesson since you were in junior  kindergarten? Miss Jones would say to you, “Jane or Jack, I don’t care who started this argument. I want you to stop fighting or I’ll send you both down to the principal’s office.” But…
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When Changing Horses Works

The best lawyers understand their opponent’s case as well as their own. If necessary, they are ready to change to a fresh horse in the middle of a long race. Fighting a lawsuit means you stake out your territory or legal arguments and attack the other side’s…
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Are All Lawyers Obnoxious?

In a court case, you hire lawyers to go the distance until the race is over. Your lawyer, by training, focuses on your case’s strengths and downplays its weaknesses. Lawyers rebut, argue and counter every position with their adversary almost by instinct. Trial lawyers try never to…
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What Your Lawyer Should Do in Your Lawsuit

You need to discuss mediation options with your lawyer. The sooner you do, the better. If your lawyer has already discussed mediation with you, then you will find this information helpful to avoid failure and cut legal expenses. If you have a legal problem, it can take…
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