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The Executor Roadmap

Your Simple Guide to Avoiding Costly Mistakes on Your Estate Journey The Executor Roadmap helps you reduce stress, focus your time and efforts. Handling another person’s money puts tremendous responsibility on you. Take heart. Most executors have no experience. But you need professional guidance to complete your…
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Follow These New Rules to Retain Estate Lawyers

Jerry was named in his father’s will as the estate executor. The will specified Jerry was to hire the father’s lawyer, Frank, to probate the will. But Jerry had a problem. He lived in North Bay and Frank, the father’s will lawyer, practiced in Toronto. Was Jerry…
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Ontario Rules on Estate Administration

When a person dies with a will in Ontario, what happens? The will usually names executors. In Ontario, executors are called estate trustees with a will. They have authority to deal with estate matters. In some cases, they may not need to probate the will. What does…
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Powers of Attorney Lawsuits and Mother’s Day

I have posted a power of attorney story that will interest all mothers. You can read the story, entitled “Why Do You Forsake Family?”, on Money.ca. It is about a mother named Sharon. She has issues with a family power of attorney. Many people do not understand…
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Your Estate Planning Mistakes Could Be the Problem

The rate of increase in estate disputes is climbing. If you are like most people, you haven’t anticipated these types of problems. As a result, you won’t develop self-defence strategies. Sure, you’re ready to object: “My family will never get nasty. They won’t argue over what they…
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