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Ontario Executors Take Heart 

I  help Ontario executors avoid and resolve estate problems. I am starting a new series for my Learning Center to offer you valuable information.   Every estate is different. Each executor will face different estate problems.  You may deal with: disgruntled beneficiaries dad’s new wife business creditors mom’s new common law friend houses with hoarders legal challenges Estate assets may disappear…
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What to Expect When You Probate Ontario Estates – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1, which you can read here. Estate Court Probate Process The estate court staff review estate court applications. They check for issues and can request extra materials. If mistakes or incomplete information are filed, the process can be delayed. Original documents may…
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Why Use Lawyers to Prepare Wills

Are you still struggling to make your will without using a lawyer? Think you can do it yourself using an online service. No lawyer is involved online to provide advice. There are only dangers, not advantages, of not using lawyers to make your will. Let me describe…
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New Rules for Wills and Estates 2016 Edition

Ed Olkovich, Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law, will speak to the Toronto Chapter of the Chartered Professional Accountants on February 10th. Ed will discuss valuable tricks and traps on: dual will strategies for business owners new estate information returns probate tax penalties and enforcement Get…
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Do You Need to Probate a Will for Joint Assets?

I know people are paranoid about probate. If I mention the word probate, some people panic. So let’s have some calm for a minute. I’ll explain some new twists on the subject to save you worry and money. I had an email exchange with Ben, an accountant….
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