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Advice – Executors, Always Talk to an Estate Lawyer First

Albert didn’t bother talking to a lawyer. He wasn’t sure if he was playing it safe. Albert was executor of his uncle’s small estate. He didn’t realize, however, the size of the estate’s liabilities. His uncle’s RRSPs were transferred directly to his designated beneficiaries. Unknown to Albert,…
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What Does it Cost to Probate Wills in Ontario?

It happens after every weekend. On Mondays, my office gets calls from people asking about probate. It usually goes like this: “I’m calling for a friend who is an executor. She wants to know how much you charge to probate an estate.” Sometimes the friend is really…
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7. Conflict or Conflict of Interest

Even in situations where everything is spelled out in the will down to the smallest detail, there will be disagreements. It is inevitable. As part of the human condition, people disagree. Even in the best of families, there will be questions of interpretation. “That’s not what dad…
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Executor Investments and Breach of Trust

Estate trustees have investment duties. These duties are defined by courts, statutes and wills. Executors must invest estate funds as prudent investors. Let’s run through some key concepts. Executors don’t want to be sued personally for breach of trust. My new chapters on investment duties and breach…
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Toronto Library Seminars for Executors

Are you planning your estate or running an estate? What do you know about probate? You don’t need to go to graduate school to be an executor/estate trustee. You do, however, need to have an overview of the probate process. What happens to an estate is everyone’s…
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