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Use the Executor Mantra to Reduce Stress

Being an estate executor is stressful. Many people feel overwhelmed when suddenly they must take charge of an estate. You can easily make mistakes before you understand what’s involved. But now I can show you a new, stress-free way to succeed as an executor. Of course, you…
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Can You Remove a Bad Executor?

Karl was in a panic. His sister, Sarah, was executor of their father’s estate. “Sarah listed my parents’ home for sale. The asking price is way below what homes are selling for in the neighbourhood.  I can’t believe what she is doing. “She told me to go…
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Executor Dictionary A-Z

Beneficiaries – Not All Are Equal Beneficiary: one who receives benefit under a trust, insurance policy or will As an executor, you must know that not all beneficiaries have the same rights. Here are three main types of estate beneficiaries: 1. Specific Gift Beneficiary Sarah got a…
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