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What Is Your Real Legal Issue?

Reconsider why you are in involved in a legal dispute. Not every grievance warrants going to court. Why? Anything can go wrong at trial. Lawyers know they lose cases that cannot be lost. They also win cases that cannot be won. It’s more than just a roll…
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What’s In Your Best Interest?

You have to keep in sight what you want to accomplish in your legal battle.        Did you have the wrong goal in mind when the battle began?        Were you the aggressor or just trying to defend yourself?        Did you forget to put your own…
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Are You an Innocent Legal Victim?

Perhaps an unfaithful spouse, dishonest partner or an employer mistreated you. Was this how your legal battle started? Were you looking for sympathy? If you don’t get it, will you stick to your innocent victim story? You want a judge to say that what the other side did…
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You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

You feel like your entire house is spinning and you are helpless. Your lawyer, Tom the Terminator, checks the facts and gathers evidence to support your version of the truth. He can then properly advise you on your case and if a judge can give you what…
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