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New Trends to Know if You’re Challenging Ontario Wills

Here are factors courts consider before giving directions to contest a will. Courts have duties to the deceased will maker who is not before the court. 1. Personal DisclosureThe deceased person cannot argue against the release of their private medical, financial, or legal files (disclosure orders). Usually,…
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How to Contest a Will

Are you shaking your head and wondering “How could I be left out of the will?” It happens, but there’s an easy solution to your problems. Let me explain. You need a lawyer to prove the other side’s wrong. But just one hour with a lawyer can…
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Can You Contest a Will? Unlucky 13

The other day, a client asked my advice about challenging a will. Her relative, let’s say it was an Uncle Fernando, had died 3 years ago without a spouse or children. Fernando had told everyone what was in his will: “I’m going to divide things equally among…
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