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Common Mistakes Choosing Your Estate Executor

Some estate executors can’t handle the job. I continue to see expensive mistakes being made because the wrong executor was chosen. I’ve seen people’s last remains languish in morgues because there was no will and no executor. No one can authorize the funeral and burial. If you…
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Family Says It All When You Name Your Ontario Executors

Should you always name family as your executor? That depends if your family is capable. You may also want to reconsider using family as executors if they: can’t be trusted to get along are stepchildren from other relationships struggle with financial difficulties live out of the country…
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What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Ontario Executor?

You don’t want to choose an executor like Terrible Tony. Tony was his Uncle George’s executor. Tony arranged his uncle’s funeral and lavish reception. He bought a burial plot with an expensive headstone. This was despite everyone’s protests. Uncle George’s sister, Alice, said, “My brother wanted to…
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