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How Do You Reduce Tax with Estate Planning?

Taxes are always confusing. Tax laws change daily. How are you going to stay on top of all this? You must rely on professionals to give you proper advice. Paying taxes can eat up your estate’s assets and destroy your dreams for your family. You can, however,…
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Do You Know Why Clients Do Not Make Wills?

The answer may be no one has sold them one.  It’s a difficult sales job. Perhaps estate advisors need to do a better job marketing and educating clients about wills? The starting point may be to give people more persuasive and easy-to-understand information. When it comes to…
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Some Surprising Statistics

Wondering why you haven’t carried out your estate planning resolutions yet? According to one survey of 831 lawyers in the U.S., you may not be alone. WealthCounsel, a nationwide organization of estate planning attorneys, in its January 2011 (Trusts & Estates) magazine summarized the key finding that…
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10 Reasons Why Estate Planning Stinks

Here they are. Don’t worry, I will give you the antidotes in future posts: 1. Thinking about death It may be frightening, but it’s inevitable. So why wait? 2. Taxes Income, estate, and probate taxes…need I say more? You do not have too pay too much. 3….
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