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Executors: Follow These 5 Income Tax Rules

Do executors have to pay someone else’s income taxes? Wouldn’t it be nice if they got a free pass? You know like a get-out-of-jail Monopoly card. But this card also gets you out of tax trouble. Well, the reality is estate executors have to pay all of…
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Learn the 4 R’s for Executor Success

If you are an estate executor, you need to learn new words. Here are four simple words that will help you as estate executor. If you know these, you won’t fall down the rabbit hole. The four words are Renounce, Resign, Remove, and Release. Let’s look at…
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Executor Estate Duties Quiz

As an estate executor you have fiduciary duties you may not even know. I created a quiz to explain what estate executor duties are. It will help you understand your estate responsibilities. It is not an exhaustive list. Give yourself one point for each duty you can…
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How Do You Remove Estate Executors?

Many times executors are unprepared to handle their estate duties. Mistakes and delays can happen that drive beneficiaries wild. But can a court remove a bad apple executor? When will a court remove executors and why is this not always the best solution? I spend my day…
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