Stop Risking Your Family’s Future – Part 1

Would you like to make sure your loved ones are protected?

What would it be worth to you if, no matter what happens, you had a detailed plan of action ready?

Well, I will share this information with you here, at no cost. You can use this to take care of the special people in your life. It has been tested year after year to work.

What Is the Perfect Plan?

Perfection, like many things we value, is hard to define. Perfect, is practically anything that you look at as an ideal. And a plan can be any arrangement that you make in advance. It could be something as simple as a vacation plan.

So how do these two words magically connect to protect your loved ones?

Imagine your estate as another word for your loved ones. If you do, you’ll realize that taking simple estate planning steps helps you create the perfect plan for people you love.

Planning can avoid problems like an unnecessary estate sale. This can jeopardize everyone close to you. Let me explain this danger and how you can avoid it.

Caution: Estate Sales Are Dangerous

“Estate Sale” – what do you think of when you see these words?

Most people expect to get a bargain when families must sell assets to pay bills, taxes or to support themselves.

If you plan now, your loved ones can avoid having an estate sale. I know you can avoid much pain and expense with a little planning. You can create your own perfect plan for those you love.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

• Where can I get information to plan?
• What decisions do I have to make?
• What action do I need to take?

Read on and you’ll find answers.

Use This Risk Check Up

Your loved ones could be at risk because your current estate plan is incomplete.

Use this risk checklist to make sure they are protected. Answer Yes or No below.

Your Current Risk Checklist

  1. My loved ones know where my up-to-date will is stored.
  2. I have backup executors or guardians for minor children in my will.
  3. I have legal documents naming someone to handle decisions for me if I can’t.
  4. I have a strategy in place to save taxes.
  5. I have provided for loved ones with special needs.
  6. I have a plan to deal with my business if I die.
  7. I regularly review my estate plan to ensure it achieves my goals.

Have you answered “Yes” to all these questions? If not, you must take action.

I offer an initial low-cost meeting to get started now.

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