Some Surprising Statistics

Wondering why you haven’t carried out your estate planning resolutions yet?

According to one survey of 831 lawyers in the U.S., you may not be alone.

WealthCounsel, a nationwide organization of estate planning attorneys, in its January 2011 (Trusts & Estates) magazine summarized the key finding that most Americans do not have an estate plan or even a basic will.

The survey asked lawyers why most Americans fail to plan.

Here are some answers from the surveyed lawyers:

  • 67 percent believe consumers lack awareness of the benefits and the negative consequences
  • 62 percent indicated that Americans are under the erroneous assumption that estate planning is only for the wealthy, and
  • 51 percent indicated that consumers fail to realize the legal limitations of joint tenancy and beneficiary designations

Surprisingly, these percentages may be no different in any jurisdiction, including our own.

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