Solve Problems with Estate Mediation

How to Resolve Estate Disputes with Mediation (ebook) by Ed Olkovich Is an estate dispute causing you stress? These problems can eat up time and money.

I know the best way to resolve them.

You might think “This sounds too good to be true, Ed.” Well, your lawyer can’t guarantee you’ll win in court. You could end up paying your lawyer and the other side’s.

Estate mediation is the best way to solve your dispute. But what does that mean?

I wrote How to Resolve Estate Disputes with Mediation to answer this question. You’ll discover:

•  Advantages of mediation

•  10 frequently asked questions about mediation

•  How to make mediation successful and more…

This plain language guide is just $9.99. You can finish it while you have your coffee.

Download my mediation guide (21 page ebook PDF) here.