Scammer Warning – Take Caution – Relatives’ Money

Regrettably, someone has been impersonating me.

They have copied my website and changed all contact information. They are sending faxes and emails claiming to be me.

Correspondence about money that you receive is not from my office.

This is a phishing attempt by scammers for improper purposes.

I did not participate in or authorize these actions.


Take no action before obtaining your own legal advice.

I receive numerous emails and calls to confirm my office was not involved.

I am regrettably unable to reply to every call or email.

Professional Courtesy

I thank my colleagues for their professional courtesies. They have contacted me about this scam.

I thank you all for your understanding.

What to learn from this?

Please do not respond to illegitimate proposals about lost relatives’ money.

Remember these proverbs:

If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

If the offer sounds so good it’s hard to believe, don’t be surprised if it’s not genuine.