Review This Estate Mediation Checklist Before Your Mediation Day

You have invested in mediation to resolve your estate dispute. Your mediation day is quickly approaching. No need to panic if you review these tips.

Here is the checklist to remind you what you need to do on your mediation day. It will help you focus on having a positive outcome.

Get the best results from your mediation by reviewing this checklist.

  1. Your Best Chance – Mediation is your best chance to resolve your estate dispute before trial. You can create a new agreement.
  2. Negotiation is Confidential – Your comments can’t be used against you later. Be prepared, however, to make reasonable concessions.
  3. You Make Decisions – Mediators are not decisionmakers like judges. You are under no pressure to settle your dispute.
  4. Mediation Briefs – Review them as they highlight everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Know your position in the estate dispute.
  5. Financial Information – Be aware of the numbers. Is your dispute over who gets mom’s original recipe book or $75,000?
  6. Be Ready – Know what you need to seal any deal. Discuss with your lawyer what terms you must have to settle without a trial.
  7. Your Special Needs – Have you told your lawyer about your medication needs, backup online technology or your safety concerns?
  8. Legal Costs – Know your position on who pays legal fees if you reach an agreement now.
  9. Costs to Continue – Know what it will cost if you must continue with court proceedings?
  10. Participate – You can speak directly to participants, unlike at trial. Be respectful. Do not interrupt, accuse, or blame.

Please let me know what else we should add to this list.

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