Problems With the Last Will?

If something is wrong with the last will, I can help.

Here are some common questions about wills I can help with:

 – The original will is lost, can you use a copy of the will?

 – The meaning of the will is unclear

 – The will contains obvious mistakes

 – The signature on the will looks suspicious

 – Was the will correctly signed during the pandemic?

 – There are handwritten changes in the will

 – What if the executors refuse to act?

 – What if the will is being contested – do I need to have a lawyer?

 – Do I need a probate lawyer?

 – What if there is no will?

 – The will can’t be found – where to look?

 – Do you need probate to sell a house?

Most people do not realize wills are legal documents. They can be interpreted by judges. A judge can declare a will invalid for failing to meet Ontario’s legal requirements.

Recent changes have occurred in Ontario. Courts must no longer dismiss wills if the wills do comply with all legal formalities.

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