Powers of Attorney Lawsuits and Mother’s Day

I have posted a power of attorney story that will interest all mothers. You can read the story, entitled “Why Do You Forsake Family?”, on Money.ca. It is about a mother named Sharon. She has issues with a family power of attorney.

Many people do not understand the dos and don’ts of powers of attorney. It looks like a simple thing to prepare. But I warn people that powers of attorney documents are like loaded guns. People can point them at you!

Make sure you only put powers of attorney in the hands of those you trust.

Powers of attorney become more important to your freedom and peace of mind as you age. You need to protect yourself with advice from an experienced estate lawyer.

Powers of Attorney for Property

These are legal documents. They affect your rights and money. The powers of attorney name an attorney – an agent or substitute decision maker, not a lawyer – to act for you while you are alive.

In the wrong hands, powers of attorney are a license to steal. But that does not mean you should avoid getting a power of attorney.

Not having a power of attorney is more tragic.

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Power of Attorney?

The government forces your family to go to court to become a statutory guardian. You must hire lawyers to take you through the process. It can take months and tens of thousands in costs and legal fees.

In the meantime, nobody has access to your money to pay your bills or sell your empty home. Your executor cannot do any of this. Your will comes into effect only once you are dead.

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Power of Attorney Cautions

Your financial advisor can recommend you have a power of attorney. However, they cannot give you legal advice about such documents.

Be wary of any financial planner or paralegal who offers to prepare powers of attorney for you.

Powers of Attorney Disputes

I have been invovled in many lawsuits over powers of attorney.

These are complicated because few people, including lawyers, understand the Ontario Substitute Decision Act, 1992.

People often think they can save hundreds of dollars by creating their own legal documents. This includes power of attorney documents.

Well, you may not know you have a problem until it’s too late to fix. Some legal problems can take years to resolve in court. This can cost thousands of dollars a day for each lawyer involved.

Make the investment in proper legal advice to prepare a power of attorney.

Power of Attorney Tips

1. People make mistakes when they do not specify an alternate person to act as their attorney. Always name a back-up or alternate person to act as your agent in case your first choice is not able.

2. Make sure your choice of attorney does not have a conflict of interest. If they have a conflict, they could put their own interests ahead of yours. Usually, this means your stockbroker should not have your power of attorney. Get independent legal advice before you make any decisions.

3. If you choose an attorney who lives outside of Canada, they will have trouble dealing with Canadian banks.

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