Ontario Executors Require Answers to Questions: Is it difficult acting as an executor?

Is it difficult acting as an executor?

The answer to this varies. Some estates are simple. But the deceased’s personal affairs could be secret, complicated or organized.

You don’t have to have other special skills or experience to be an executor. You were chosen as executor because you are trustworthy. This is a quality that is often in short supply, like common sense.

An estate administration can be simple. You may handle a few items of property, like a car; bank accounts; the paying of bills; and the filing of tax returns.

Problems can arise for executors with:

What if estate assets are complex and located in numerous jurisdictions? You may find your involvement may last several years.

On the other hand, small estate matters can be resolved in a few months. Do you think you can’t handle the job over the next 18 months?

If you are not sure, check with an estate lawyer. You are better off not getting started at all. It is easier to renounce than to quit later. Read my blog post Why Executors Need to Assess Risks.

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