New Ways to Win Your Legal Dispute

I can help you find faster, more affordable ways to win.

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve legal disputes.

Mediation is an internationally-recognized method to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.

How Mediation Works

You and your lawyer, along with the other side, agree to resolve your dispute through mediation. Then you hire your mediator. This is a neutral person to help you reach a settlement.

Say, for example, you no longer talk to your neighbour. His tree fell on your property, damaging your fence. A judge could take months or years deciding who must repair the fence.

Instead, you could ask your lawyer to propose a meeting to mediate. The meeting occurs in a private office arranged with your independent mediator.

How Your Mediator Can Help

Mediators can:

1. bridge any communication gap

2. reach an agreement on sharing costs

3. improve or repair your relationship

4. work towards a mutual understanding

5. avoid the costs and uncertainty of a court case

6. resolve the personal issues to blocking a settlement

Mediators are not judges. They cannot impose or make decisions. Instead, their job is to help you identify your best interests to find acceptable solutions.

You negotiate a winning end to your legal dispute that everyone can accept.

Mediation is Quick, Cost-effective and Voluntary

Think of the relief you will get when all the legal battles stop.

You can solve your legal disputes quickly, sometimes within a day, without going to court.

If you want to settle your legal battles, here’s the first thing to know:

Mediation Secrets: Win your legal battles without going to trial

Are there reasons why you need a judge to decide your case?

You need to learn about the risks and dangers of going to court. You will want to consider your alternatives before entering the courtroom.

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