Need to Probate an Estate – Start Your Ontario Executor Journey Here

Kathy had always been told she would be her aunt’s Ontario estate trustee or executor.

Kathy was too shy to ask where her aunt’s original will was stored.

Then Kathy got a nasty Boxing Day surprise. Suddenly, her aunt passed away and Kathy could not locate the original will.

What was she to do?

Kathy searched her aunt’s apartment. She found some bank statements, tax returns and handwritten notes. Her aunt’s landlord wanted to see a copy of the aunt’s will naming Kathy as executor or estate trustee. This was required before they would allow Kathy to remove any personal effects from her aunt’s apartment. The funeral home also wanted to know who the executor/estate trustee was.

Luckily, the funeral arrangements had been prearranged by Kathy’s aunt before she became ill.

Kathy called my law office for help. Changes in 2020

In the New Year, I am making changes to

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Merry Christmas from and Happy New Year.

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