Mediation Secrets to Solve Legal Worries

You can use mediation to save thousands of dollars in legal fees. Many clients do not understand how mediation can settle their legal disputes.

That explains why I have started a new series on mediation.

Mediation can mean the difference between success and failure. You need to, however, understand the secrets of how mediation works. Once you grasp these, you will get more out of mediation.

Mediation is ADR

Mediation is part of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system.

It is used in the private sector, government and judicial systems.

ADR includes various processes like arbitration, collaboration, mediation and mini-trials.

Each works in different ways. The most common process in estate disputes is mediation.

Judicial Systems are Broken

Many people still search for Justice with a capital “J”. Many think it’s something you can buy from a lawyer.

The legal system cannot deliver such rewards.  The judicial system cannot resolve disputes in an economical and timely fashion.

Mediation is more than Negotiation

Are you involved in a legal dispute? It’s important to realize that everyone has a different concept of getting a good deal.

Negotiation can bring an end to legal disputes. It is way of testing your assumptions about what the other side in your dispute considers a good deal.

Mediation can help break through stalled negotiations. It can accelerate an end to your legal worries.  It can end your habit of writing cheques to your lawyer.

New Series: Mediation Secrets

In the next series of posts, I will explain the mediation process from a client’s perspective. This is important as the key to any successful negotiation and mediation is preparation.

I will highlight information I give to my clients to prepare for mediation.

If you want to read more about estate mediation, read my free estate guide called, Estate Mediation – Answers to 10 Most frequently Asked Questions.