Making Estate Planning Simple

My approach to estate planning is different. My purpose is to help you understand the essentials.

You can take simple steps to protect your family and money.

My aim is to help you with your estate planning purpose. Your money should go straight to the people you love.

Here is a diagram to describe it:

You want your money to go to loved ones, without unnecessary costs and delay.

Online Estate Workshops

Over the next few months, I am organizing a number of workshops on estate planning topics.

I welcome your suggestions on any topics that you wish me to include during my workshops. Drop me a line here.

These include easy, step-by-step handbooks. You will have the ability to ask questions.

Should You Take My Estate Planning Workshops?

I designed 4 different estate planning workshops and you can choose which fits you best.

  1. Essentials: You need to learn the basics of estate planning, wills, powers of attorney and tax savings strategies
  2. Specific Topics: A more detailed look at specifics like marriage, common-law spouses, contesting wills and claims against estates.
  3. Estate Advisors: You want help your clients
  4. Executors:  practical tips to open and close an estate

I know that you’ll benefit from these workshops and webinars, so please send in your name and email here.

I’ll include you in an email with my next workshop dates. This gives you an early bird chance to participate.

Space will be limited so your early registration will ensure you get a spot at the workshop. Don’t worry, your privacy is safe. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Feel free the pass on this information to anyone who will benefit.