Lawsuits: The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction

What is the best strategy if you are involved in a legal battle?

Do you hire aggressive lawyers to blow the other side out of the water? Will the other side give up if you antagonize them? Or should you try to resolve your legal problem before trial?

Well, remember this as you wait for your day in court; you can’t move on with your life until all appeals are over.

Many people wanting to get on with their lives become victims of the legal system.

Trying to end your conflict, at any price, is often your only desire. The high costs measured in fees and uncertainty can force you to surrender.

Are There Lie Detector Machines in Courtrooms?

You may be saying to yourself, “But why should I worry? I am telling the truth.”

Remember Emily from our pervious posts and what her lawyer told her? She still had to prove she was telling the truth in court to win.

Why, you may ask, is something so simple so difficult?

Well, so far, nobody has invented a truth machine or computer. Judges can only decide who is telling the truth after hearing all the witnesses and legal arguments.

Lawyers have to parade your version of the facts in front of a judge or jury. Then one of them decides if you or your opponent is telling a better story. Oops, I mean the truth.