Key Life Events Bring Estate Planning Needs into Focus

In its Executive Summary, the Canadian Task Force on Literacy states, “…financial literacy is an essential skill acquired through lifelong learning…”

Canadians and Their Money
Building a brighter financial future

Part of that requires everyone to have some estate literacy.

This creates those teachable moments when people will be most likely to be receptive to receive financial literacy education. That is why after major airline crashes and catastrophes, more people come into my law office to make a will.

The task force points out the key role that estate advisors play. Your clients are bombarded with confusing messages.  They need your help as estate advisors to make decisions.

The Executive Summary points this out:

“Even for those with the information and education they need to make sound financial decisions, a wide range of psychological, social and institutional influences can impede rational decision making.”

Your clients will need to revise an estate plan whenever they change their beneficiaries and relationships.

They will likely be an executor of an estate. When the time comes, visit for information you can trust.