Is This the Light at the End of Your Legal Tunnel?

Are You in A Terrible Estate Lawsuit?

Mediation can help you resolve your estate lawsuit.

Estate lawsuits may take many forms. Here are a few examples of estate problems I can help you with.

Has your loved one died? Are you still grieving? There may or may not be a will. Who is in charge if there is no will? Perhaps, the will treated you unfairly. Or, are you an executor being challenged?

What Does the Will Mean?

Is the language of the will not clear? Did your loved one transfer all their assets into joint ownership? Or perhaps you are being abused as the estate executor?

What if You’re a Spouse?

In Ontario, if you are a married spouse, you have property and support rights. If you are not married, you may have to enforce your rights. Unmarried partners may also have claims to support (unjust enrichment or constructive rights).

What If You Share Ownership of a Property?

How do you evict a family member to sell the property? Can you start legal proceedings? Mediation may be quicker.

If you’re involved in any of these matters, you are in an estate dispute.

Mediation Is Your Solution

Litigation means taking your dispute to court. You ask judges to apply the law to your dispute. That is no longer your only option to end estate disputes.

Mediation allows you to express your hopes about ending your legal dispute. Find out how your life would be better. You cannot achieve this in court battles that are slow and costly.

Contact me if you want mediation to end your estate dispute.