Is There a Cure for Executor’s Disease™?

Do you play any sports?

Maybe golf, tennis, or soccer?

Each sport is played with a different set of rules. Unless you understand the rules, you cannot win.

Similarly, you must understand the rules for protecting your money and family. Unless you understand the fundamentals, you will find yourself a victim of the estate planning yo-yo phenomenon. One week people are telling you to do this. The next week, they’re telling you to do that.

EstateTherapy™ can help you learn the essential estate rules.

The New Invetsment You Must Make

Planning to prevent Executor’s Disease™ problems goes way beyond just making a will. You will need a bigger investment of time and money.

You buy a car or a home and expect to pay annual maintenance costs for years. Yet when you sign a will, you often forget about it.

You must take steps to keep your estate plan current and workable. Consider regular maintenance a major part of your estate planning. It’s a necessary investment you must make.

In life, as in estate planning, not everyone is successful. By acquiring more knowledge, you can make your planning more successful. Stop looking for quick fixes that only hide problems.

Stop Living in the Past

I have tried to show you that traditional estate planning approaches are obsolete. They neither fit the new reality, nor give you the complete picture.

Often advice comes from so-called estate planners with limited or no credentials. Many of them are interested in selling you services or products.

Such general advice may not suit you. It may also come from advisors with limited skills or experience.

Few planners understand the problems caused by estate disputes. As a result, they cannot properly protect your money and your family in the new reality you are facing.

Tax-reduction techniques, for example, may save money, but they can also ruin family relationships.

A better, holistic approach deals with your money, your executor, and your family. This can help prevent relationship breakdowns that can lead to Executor’s Disease™.

What you need is a new source of credible estate information.

EstateTherapy™ is your source of online knowledge. It can help you understand and create your master plan. With professional advice, you can then create tailor-made strategies that will work for you.