If You Are in an Estate Dispute then Ask Your Lawyer These Questions

Estate disputes are emotional. They can also be expensive. Before you go too far, ask your lawyer to explain the legal theory that applies to your case. You need to know answers to these questions:

  1. What is the theory of law involved in my estate dispute?
  2. What is the theory of law of those who oppose me?
  3. What key issues must I win to be successful in court?
  4. What obstacles should I be aware of if my case goes to trial?
  5. What are the possible trial outcomes on each key legal issue?
  6. What are the cost consequences if I win or lose on my key issues?
  7. What are the risks of going to trial and what is the estimated cost?
  8. If changes occur to these possible outcomes, will you advise me?
  9. What options other than a court trial can resolve my estate dispute?
  10. Should I consider making any offer to settle?

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