How You Can Stop Fighting

How many times were you taught this lesson since you were in junior  kindergarten?

Miss Jones would say to you, “Jane or Jack, I don’t care who started this argument. I want you to stop fighting or I’ll send you both down to the principal’s office.”

But sometimes you can’t help yourself. There is blood in your eyes and you may not be seeing straight. It may take a neutral party or outsider to point this out to you.

Wasting time in court is also a waste of money. You do not need a law degree to figure that out.

You expect answers to your legal problems. You are used to doing business at computer speed. But the legal system is not a business. Instead, you put your life on hold for years. You wait for a trial so a judge can decide if you will win.

Speed is a foreign concept to lawyers. They are familiar with the limited resources that the judicial system has available. Sometimes, the faster you go, the faster you pay your lawyers.

Is there a better way? Yes, but you have to be prepared for it to work successfully.

That doesn’t mean it’s difficult.  Like most winners, however, you have to start with the right attitude and use the right techniques.

Mediation – a process where a neutral mediator helps parties resolve their disputes

Mediation happens in a neutral setting, not a courtroom. It can make a difference in the outcome of your case, especially since almost 95% of legal cases settle before a trial.

The earlier you mediate, the less negative energy you will waste.

“To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves.”
– Alexander Pope, 1688-1744

In our story a few posts ago, Emily told her lawyer, “Do whatever it takes to put this behind me. I want my life back.”

Emily now wanted to stop the legal proceedings when she refused to settle originally. How does it get to that point?

Stay tuned for my next post, “Your Winning Legal Strategy.”