How to Contest a Will

How to Contest a Will by Edward Olkovich Are you shaking your head and wondering “How could I be left out of the will?” It happens, but there’s an easy solution to your problems.

Let me explain.

You need a lawyer to prove the other side’s wrong. But just one hour with a lawyer can cost you hundreds of dollars. Got a lot of questions or a complex will? Expect to pay even more and wait longer for basic information.

My guide, How to Contest a Will, saves you time and money.

Before you even see a lawyer, you’ll discover plain language tips on

•  Married spouses’ claims in contested wills

•  How to contest wills in three steps

•  Action you can to take.

You get all this and more for just $9.99. Start reading now and you can finish while you have your coffee.

You’ll know what’s involved in contesting a will. Click here to download How to Contest a Will (23 page ebook PDF)  now. Sleep easier tonight.