How to Choose an Estate Executor

When choosing estate executors, my clients often tell me:

• I am afraid of choosing the wrong executor

• I have no options when choosing my executor

• I postponed making my will because I didn’t know who to choose.

As an estate lawyer, I help clients make decisions about who should be their executors.

Executor Choices: Professionals, Corporate or Family Members

Some clients don’t have family or perhaps no one lives in their jurisdiction. These clients worry about the details.

Executors must be in charge of:

• funeral arrangements

• family and pets

• selling a home

• distributing treasures

• protecting valuables

Being an executor is more than just an honour. It can feel like it’s a full-time job.

Are you having difficulty deciding who should be your executor? Is it time you reviewed your choice of executors?


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Executors facing estate challenges call upon Ed Olkovich who is a Toronto estate lawyer and Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law. Ed is an author and edits Carswell’s legal guideCompensation and Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians and Attorneys. He has resolved estate disputes and probate problems since 1978.