How Do Estate Lawyers Charge?

How you will be charged can be based on these three factors:

1. Experience – expect specialists to charge more. They may identify issues quickly and in the long run, effectively save you time and money.

2. Complexity – more time is needed if you own a business, need detailed tax advice, have a child to protect, or a blended family situation.

3. Location – competition where you live may be a factor affecting price and the quality of legal work.

Some lawyers may be defensive when you request a fixed fee quote or estimate over the phone. This is a normal professional reaction.

Lawyers are not permitted to solicit work from prospective clients on the basis of their fee quotes. You should be able to request that a schedule of fees be sent to you by email or mail.

You may consider yourself lucky that the will prepared by your lawyer is only two pages long. On the other hand, you could be impressed that you fell asleep trying to read a 35-page monster will.

Choose a lawyer who can demonstrate current expertise and can give you guidance on complex decisions.