Hiring a Probate Lawyer? Avoid these Common Executor Mistakes

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a probate lawyer based on a low hourly rate.

Often, an experienced estate specialist is more efficient and familiar with your special circumstances.

If you hire an inexperienced probate lawyer, you may find that they are less efficient. You end up paying for them to learn what a specialist may already know.

If you are the executor, you want advice to deal with your executor duties. You do not want any painful surprises when the time comes to close the estate.

Typically, closing an estate can take place, 1 to 2 years after probate is obtained. By then you may regret the decision you made in hiring a lawyer because you did not get proper advice.

You must learn your legal obligations towards:

•    beneficiaries
•    creditors
•    how to obtain income tax clearances

Lawyers who have estate planning experience may not have any experience in administering an estate.

You want a lawyer you can trust. You need a probate lawyer who can walk you through the steps of opening and closing an estate.

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