Executors: Learn Your Essential Estate Duties

Are you an estate executor? A relative, friend or business associate could ask you to handle their estate. Studies show you probably don’t know what you are supposed to do. I have created a free ebook about your duties as an executor.

You need a plan to focus on what is important. Otherwise, you will wander all over the map. When executors walk into my law office, they are looking for help. Confusion and stress bother them. The work and details swamp them, and they wake up worried.

I created my free Executor Essentials ebook to help you. It contains basic information about executors’ legal duties. Executor Essentials will give you a roadmap. It will keep you from getting lost on the open road. You’ll see what’s really important to avoid time consuming detours.

My free ebook will help you understand:

• dangerous executor misconceptions

• 3 expensive executor mistakes to avoid

• an executor’s most important legal duty

• the new rules for executors

• easy to use success strategies

As an executor, you probably have questions like:

• where can I find information to help?

• who can explain my legal duties?

• what are the biggest problems I could face?

I drew on my more than 30 years of experience to create Executor Essentials. As an estate lawyer, I have helped hundreds of executors probate an estate. I know the importance of getting started on the right foot. I hope everything will go smoothly but, just in case, you should know what can go wrong.

Is there a Perfect Guide to Executor Duties?

A guide cannot explain everything you need to know. Besides, laws change daily so guides go out of date. What you need is proper legal advice, and you need to know where to find it.

As an executor you need professional advice. Making mistakes can cost you out of your pocket.

Never act as an estate executor without proper legal advice.

You need to assemble a team of advisors. These professionals will do the work you are not qualified to perform. Not all advisors will have the experience you need.

Roadmaps change from time to time. A roadmap for executor duties is no different. On your journey as executor, you will adjust to changes. You need to avoid the potholes on your journey.

Handling an estate is complicated for many reasons including:

• being an executor is stressful

• probate is like having another job

• you may not know what to do first

• you need to be organized to save time and money

• you need to rely on professional advisors

You need to learn how to protect yourself. There are bad things that can happen to an executor. You need to read about them to stay safe. It is important that you do a little homework.

Download this easy-to-read, free copy of Ed’s Executor Essentials. It will help you understand your role as executor.

About Ed Olkovich, Lawyer, Author, Speaker

Edward Olkovich (BA, LLB, TEP, CS) is a nationally recognized estate expert. A practicing Toronto estate lawyer since 1978, Ed’s law firm website is www.mrwills.com. Ed uses humour to engage and educate executors. Ed is a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts and is the author of seven estate books, including Executor Kung Fu.

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