Executors: Are You Losing Sleep Over These Issues?

Most estate executors have no idea how to handle probate matters. Executors without a plan have more chance of stress than success.

You are not alone when it comes to having estate nightmares.

I have prepared a common list of fears that keeps executors up at night. I made this list after asking clients and colleagues about their fears as estate executors. Some of these fears may also worry you and hit close to home.

I have divided these fears into three categories: executor’s legal liability, executor work, and executor family issues. I saved the top fears for last, so keep reading. Contact me if you have any more to add to my executor worries list.

Executor’s Legal Liability

1. I could face a lawsuit for mismanaging the estate. I picture all my assets flying in the wind if something goes wrong.

2. It’s a challenge to follow all the legal restrictions and responsibilities.

3. There is a very slow learning curve. It makes me anxious every time there is a deadline.

4. At first glance, it didn’t seem hard but somehow, there are always glitches.

5. If I miss something, will it come back to bite me?

6. I have no idea what this job entails.

7. I’m afraid I’ll screw up and get sued.

8. Who is supposed to pay all the bills if there is not enough money?

9. Am I doing the right things to get the job done?

10. Do I have to reply to every email from a beneficiary?

Executor Work

1. There are more demands for my time, especially follow ups and following up.

2. I can’t believe the amount of work involved.

3. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do all the work.

4. How can I do all this work while I’m grieving?

5. Where will I find all the information I need?

6. I can’t imagine anybody doing this alone without support.

7. How can I get this done as soon as possible?

8. My health and age make things even more difficult.

9. Missing something important because I do not understand what is required.

10. What if I miss anything in any of the accounts or taxes?

11. I didn’t expect I’d have to pay for so many out-of-pocket expenses.

Executors and Family Issues

1. How is it possible to work together with all your relatives?

2. I can’t work with my co-executor.

3. The relatives’ hostility made communication doubly challenging.

4. Why is everybody so hostile towards me?

5. Does everybody in this family have a personality disorder?

6. What should I do to make sure my family does not fall out over the estate?

7. Dealing with relatives with unreasonable demands who interfere and demand money.

8. Dealing with relatives who think they should have been the executor.

The Top Executor Fears

Mercy! Have mercy!

Keeping family peace – why is that so difficult?

What do I do if three kids want the same piano?

How do I make sure I honour the deceased’s intentions?

Contact me if you want to add more to my executor worries list.

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