Estate Planning Resolutions

Here are 3 estate planning resolutions you can keep. Use them to protect your family and to give you peace of mind.

1. Make a will – resolve to invest in a professionally-prepared will. The cost of this investment, spread out over a number of years offers the best protection.

Do you think your homemade or do-it-yourself will is adequate? Prove it by having your handiwork reviewed by a lawyer. Remember – only a lawyer can render a legal opinion on a will

2. Make a power of attorney for property – this will ensure that should you have an accident, someone has access to your money. Your attorney would then be able to:
• manage your property, finances and investments,
• pay for your care and expenses, and
• collect rent or sell your property.

Don’t think that your family members can do this for you without a power of attorney.

When you need a power of attorney for property, it is often too late to sign the document. Your family should have access to your bank accounts if something should happen to you. That is why a power of attorney for property should be part of your estate planning tool kit.

3. Make a power of attorney for personal care – don’t leave your family guessing as to your wishes. Express your preferences. Do you wish to:
• continue to live in your own home or a nursing home,
• have in-home care paid for by you, or
• when the time comes, what kind of final treatment you would prefer

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