Estate Planning Extras to Consider

Your Estate Plan may also deal with insurance, taxes and debts that may need to be paid by your estate.

Talk to your financial advisor about your retirement accounts, life insurance and pensions. Ensure these are up to date with respect to your designated beneficiaries.

Financial planners and tax advisors can also help you prepare the tax plans to protect your loved ones.

Advisors can help you estimate your income tax liability. They will consider  items like your investments, summer home, rental properties and business.

If you have these as part of your portfolio, then your advisor and accountant may be part of your planning team.

Giving to Charity

Your Estate Plan makes sure your loved ones are protected. Once you have provided for the needs of your family and friends, you can consider supporting charities in your community. 

Your gift can fund vital medical research and help the less fortunate.

If you want to include a charitable gift in your will, here are the things to consider:

•  Talk to your own lawyer to confirm whether the charity is registered for tax purposes.

•  Make sure you have the correct legal name for the charity.

•  Confirm any specific wishes you have that can be carried out by the charity.

Your Estate Plan solution covers your legal, financial and health concerns.

Your Estate Plan makes sure your money goes straight to the people you love.

For more on estate planning, read my book Estate to the Heart. Contact my law office to book an appointment to discuss your estate plan.