Estate Lawyers Are Not All Equal Part 2 of 2

In part 1, I gave you ways to find the right estate/probate lawyer. Now what do you do with your list?

Make sure you do your homework. Compare the list of possible candidates. The names of two or three lawyers may surface who work in your neighborhood.  Now you’re ready to start with the next step.

Invest some time in interviewing a number of candidates to ensure you can work with them.

You can use the telephone or email to narrow down your choices by asking questions. Here’s a list of possible questions you can ask an estate lawyer:

–       Will you personally meet with me to discuss my needs?

–        Do you spend 30% or more of your time handling estates?

–        How long have you handled estates?

–        How long does the process take?

–        Do you have an information package or website?

Make sure you feel comfortable talking with your lawyer. Communication skills are important. If this is lacking, you cannot get the advice you need.

Remember this: the lawyer who prepared the will may have no probate experience.