Estate Lawyers Are Not All Equal Part 1 of 2

Good probate lawyers can help executors make better decisions. Are you handling an estate as executor? You cannot afford to have an inexperienced probate lawyer.

Finding the Right Estate/Probate Lawyer

Here are seven tips to help you. Begin by preparing a list of possible candidates from these sources.

1. Personal referrals.  Your friend or neighbour may have had a positive experience with a probate lawyer.  This is a good place to start.  Do not, however, assume that your needs are identical. You may not get the same results.

2. Professional referrals.  Your bank, financial planner or accountant usually has a list of lawyers he or she recommends.

3. The Law Society of Upper Canada.  Law societies also can refer you to prominent lawyers or certified specialists.

4. Ask other lawyers.  Call lawyers you know.  Ask them for lawyers they recommend for probate and estate administration matters.

5. Estate seminars.  Contact financial service groups in your neighborhood who hold public or private presentations.  If you attend a meeting, you can personally meet and assess if a probate lawyer is suitable.

6. Internet searches.  Check a lawyer’s website to review their qualifications and experience. Look for possible memberships and publications. This will also help you break the ice before your first meeting.

7. Advertising. and community ads may help you identify possible lawyers.  Do not base your hiring decision solely on the size of an ad in the Yellow Pages.