Elder Abuse Is Real

By meeting privately, Alex’s lawyer can also investigate if there has been any financial, emotional or physical abuse of the father.

Alex may be reluctant to discuss such matters with a relative in the room.

For the elderly, a visit to a lawyer can make a difference. It may be the only opportunity to get the information they need to protect their legal rights.

For example, what if Jeremy told his father that he had to make him executor of his estate?

“Since I am the oldest child, you must make me your only executor.”

In a private conversation with his lawyer, Alex may clarify that he can do whatever he wishes. The father could be relieved that he can make Jeremy and his brother, Robert both executors under his will.

Remember, keeping your distance in the reception area may ensure that your relative’s wishes ultimately are respected. You also remove any suggestion that you unduly participated or influenced the relative’s will in your favour.

When you book an appointment with a lawyer for a parent, clarify if you can ask questions when the meeting is over, if that is your parent’s wish.  But understand that waiting in reception may be expected, so bring a good book.