Do You Want to Keep Your Sanity as Executor?

Here are 3 tips to keep you out of trouble.

  1. You must know the distinction between executor work and legal work.
  2. Get professional advice about your executor duties – the sooner the better.
  3. Not all lawyers are experienced in probate matters or can advise you.

Will you Act as an Estate Executor…?

I can give you a proven system with practical tips in my upcoming Executor Workshop.

I’m conducting a one-hour executor workshop on Wednesday, January 26th at 8:00 PM EST.

It is a complete and easy-to-use system to make probate painless for any executor.

I’ve included in the cost of the workshop a downloadable guide called EstateTherapy’s Executor Toolkit: What Every Executor Needs to Know.  Unlike any other guide, it explains what you need to know as I walk you through the probate process, step by step.

You will benefit from the insider information I give to all executors who are my clients.  I call it EstateTherapy’s Executor Toolkit: What Every Executor Needs to Know.  This is the material that you should have received on the first day you started to act as executor.

Who should attend the executor workshop?

  • an executor or co-executor who does not know their role and responsibilities
  • an executor who wants to know what to do and when
  • an executor trying to protect themselves from unnecessary executor liability and headaches

What will you learn?

  • legal definitions and terms you must know
  • The Probate Process at a Glance … 12 months and counting
  • 5 costly mistakes executors make and how to avoid them
  • 4 dangers executors face
  • The 3-Step Executor Mantra to handle any estate

Space is limited for the workshop so register early to avoid disappointment.  You have nothing to lose with my risk-free guarantee.  The workshop is hosted at