Do You Want a Second Legal Opinion on a Probate Problem?

It’s not uncommon to lose sleep if you are involved in a probate dispute.

What should you do if you are uncertain how to solve an estate problem?

Get legal advice from an experienced estate lawyer.

Certainty is not possible when you have an estate problem or a lawsuit.
However, you can insist on clarity from your lawyer.

You should expect your lawyer to:

  • communicate so you understand 
  • outline the steps you must take
  • be honest in their assessment
  • not make empty promises
  • advise you when their opinions change based on new information    

What if you still have doubts? 

Getting a second opinion from an experienced probate lawyer may be just what you need.

You may ask for a second legal opinion without telling your current lawyer.

Subrule 6.03(8) of the lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct allows you to seek a second opinion on a matter for which you already have a lawyer.

A lawyer can provide a second opinion based on sufficient information.  Your current lawyer cannot be contacted without your permission.

Have you considered getting a second opinion from a specialist certified in Estates and Trusts Law? You can contact me to arrange an appointment to obtain a second opinion. Call and ask to speak with me over the phone, and I will explain how I can help. Contact my office now.