Do You Need a System to Handle an Ontario Estate?

If you are an Ontario executor, answer this simple question: What makes you happy?

I’d love to hear your answer.

Here’s my answer: making probate simple makes Ontario executors happy.

Executors don’t want to use Google to understand estate terms. Remember, Ontario estate terms are different. That’s why I created a one-of-a-kind Ontario executor glossary.

Every province in Canada and every state in the United States has different probate rules. They have a different legal lingo that can be confusing.

Ways to Make Probate Simple

I created the glossary of terms for Ontario executors.

Look up the meaning of various terms that stump you. In my glossary, it is as easy as typing in the term or moving your cursor over a word. I will explain the term quickly and simply. I also will provide additional reading materials for each term on my website.

I know you don’t want a legal education to serve as an executor. You do want to break up your tasks into small simple steps that you can manage.

My System to Handle Probate

I’ve written about this as far back as 2011 when I wrote Executor Kung Fu. This was the world’s first self-defence guide for executors. It is currently out of print. It does not include the 2015 changes to the Estate Administration Tax Act. Also, it does not explain the estate information return EIR. I replaced it with a free report you can access here.

My probate system can reduce your stress managing an estate.

My Probate System Has Three Stages

First, you Protect assets.

In the second stage, you Probate wills. You may need estate certificates to sell assets.

The third stage, you Pay everyone. You pay creditors and debts before you pay yourself and beneficiaries.

I describe my system in my free report, Suddenly You’re An Ontario Executor, here.

There are checklists you can follow for each of the three steps. The checklist won’t tell you why you need to do anything.

Google Has All the World’s Information

Information alone won’t make you a happy Ontario executor.

You need to have a system to manage an estate. Having a system means you can stop worrying what to do next.

You don’t want to start all over again. That’s the benefit of having a system.

Don’t forget to download your free report, Suddenly You’re An Ontario Executor. You’ll learn more about my probate system.

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