Do You Know When to Dispute a Will? Part 1

Have you been disinherited? Were you cut out of a will? Here is some help. I am starting a new series on will contests. You'll get information on challenging a will and probate disputes. If you are an executor, you’ll learn why your role is to be neutral.

Will Contests Timing is Important

A prospective client called me on the phone. He wanted to know if he could contest his mother's will. I get so many of these calls. I've learned to quickly screen them.

Sometimes I can explain to the caller why this happened. Hopefully, I help them get over the pain. Sometimes there is no hope.

I usually ask people a simple question, "When did your relative die?"

The answer is sometimes surprising, especially when they answer, “About 10 years ago.”

I probe with more questions.

“Had you been promised something in a prior will”?

“Were you on good terms with your mother?”

The next answer was startling to say the least.

Q: “When did you stop speaking to your mother?”

A: “In 1997, when she tried to turn me in a goat.”

Q: “How did she try to do that?”

A: “By casting a spell on me.”

Q: “Do you remember what she said?”

A:  “Ugga Bugga! You’re a goat.”

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