Discover the Top 10 Reasons to Mediate Estate Disputes in Ontario

  1. Mediation is confidential and all discussions are off the record.
  2. You can create your solution and not wait for a judge to decide.
  3. You can express and deal with emotional issues.
  4. You can find shared visions to obtain desired results.
  5. You are empowered by an early resolution of your dispute.
  6. You help formulate your own personal outcome.
  7. You can be generally positive and avoid negativity.
  8. It’s less expensive and less risky than going to trial.
  9. You, not a judge, control how your dispute is resolved.
  10. You can end your dispute in days, not wait years for trial.

Remember the primary purpose of mediation can be to end your dispute. You cannot fight and settle a claim at the same time. You need to stop one process in order to start the other. Mediation offers you an out-of-court alternative to end your legal problems.

Negotiations Can Stall without Mediation

Sometimes, you may not wish to negotiate with the other side for strategic, psychological or other personal reasons. These reasons can create barriers to settlement that mediators can break through.

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