Dirty Fighting with Lawyers

Bob: “You are my lawyer, Jack, and you have to know. Ron is going to fight to get what he wants.”

Jack: “That’s why the secret to success is to find out what Ron wants and to see if you can give it to him.”

Bob: “Isn’t that selling out?”

Jack: “No, I think it’s more like negotiating to get what you both want.”

Bob: “But Ron is a crook; we caught him stealing cash from the business.

I couldn’t prove it so I did not call the police.”

Jack: “Well, how does it help you in a court case then?”

Bob: “Okay, but it tells you what we are up against – someone with no moral code.”

Jack: “It doesn’t matter. When you fight with pigs, you still get dirty, even if you win.”

There will come a time when you must separate your emotions from the legal issues.

You can learn how to save time, money and a ton of stress with mediation.

In my next series of posts, I will explain the steps in a typical lawsuit.

You cannot skip any steps. Each step can cost you an average of $3,000 to $5,000 or more.  Each day at trial can cost thousands of dollars per lawyer.

To learn more about mediation, read my MrWills.com Guide to Estate Mediation here.