These 10 Ontario Executor Situations Can Keep You Up at Night

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Did the pandemic make you an Ontario executor?

My condolences are in order if you have lost loved ones.

Are you feeling lost? Read my free report Suddenly You’re An Ontario Executor available here as you start your Ontario executor journey. I’ll be writing about problems that keep executors up at night. You may wish to subscribe to my blog and discover how to handle 10 situations that create problems for Ontario executors.

Here’s the list of the top 10 situations that keep Ontario executors up at night:

1. The estate is broke.
Do the math and check if you have enough money to pay all the bills. Read more here.

2. Real estate is always an executor headache.
If you must sell real estate, you have added responsibilities. Read more here.

3. Investments and Commercial Real Estate
Does the estate include investments or commercial real estate that requires attention? Read more here.

4. Foreign Assets
Following legal rules to probate an estate in another jurisdiction may be time consuming and complex. Read more here.

5. Business Comes Before Pleasure
Is there an active business with partners or a corporation with shareholders in the estate? Read more here.

6. Your Age Considerations
Does your age or health prevent you from starting and finishing your tasks over the next year or more? Read more here.

7. Conflict or Conflict of Interests
Are there signs that the beneficiaries would disagree and give you headaches? Do you have a conflict of interest? Read more here.

8. Contested Wills
Do you think anyone will contest the will? Read more here.

9. You Can’t Hire Help
Does the will prohibit you from hiring professionals to assist you with your duties? Read more here.

10. Tedious Long-Term Trusts
Does the will require you to manage a trust on a long-term basis, say, over the next 5 to 10 years? Read more here.

To obtain a complete list of the other Ontario executor headaches (and how to avoid them), read my report Suddenly You’re An Ontario Executor.