Could Your Choice of Executor Be A Nightmare?

What does Executor’s Disease™ do to executors?

It can make them easy targets for lawsuits.

If you are choosing or going to be an executor, you must educate yourself.

Executor Symptoms

Estate lawsuits can also be aimed directly at executors.

People can attack and hold executors personally liable for:

  • incompetence
  • mismanagement
  • ignoring their responsibilities
  • theft

It is important for you to understand some basics about executors. Why?

First, because you must choose an executor for your own estate.
Second, because you may become an executor sooner than you think.

Now for some surprising statistics.

Research shows at least one-third of us will be asked to handle an estate for someone we know.

Research also shows that most people do not know what an executor is supposed to do.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Executors can be incompetent and dishonest.

They may be careless, make bad judgments or lose money handling estate property.

This can happen because they do not get proper legal or investment advice.
You may not know this, but executors can be sued for their incompetence and negligence.

Executors have legal duties. They hold a sacred position of trust as the gatekeepers to your legacy.

They guard the wealth of widows, orphans, and the vulnerable.

Few people are aware of the risks that come with the job.

That’s why I wrote Executor Kung Fu: Master Any Estate in Three Easy Steps.