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The Executor Roadmap

Your Simple Guide to Avoiding Costly Mistakes on Your Estate Journey The Executor Roadmap helps you reduce stress, focus your time and efforts. Handling another person’s money puts tremendous responsibility on you. Take heart. Most executors have no experience. But you need professional guidance to complete your…
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What to Expect When You Probate Ontario Estates – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1, which you can read here. Estate Court Probate Process The estate court staff review estate court applications. They check for issues and can request extra materials. If mistakes or incomplete information are filed, the process can be delayed. Original documents may…
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Stop Estate Beneficiary Costly Mistakes

Jonathan called me because his uncle Peter died. “What rights do I have as a beneficiary under Peter’s will? When do beneficiaries need to get legal advice?” “This is a common question when someone dies,” I said. “Your legal rights depend on if you are named in…
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Who Cares About Fiduciary Duties and Trust?

Are you an estate beneficiary or expect to become one? Then you have to trust executors to deliver your inheritance. And executors, you can’t do your job without understanding your fiduciary duties. Are you waiting to inherit or are you an executor? Here’s what you need to…
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