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The 10 Things That Can Cause Your Estate Mediation to Fail

Read this if you want better results at mediation. Mediation mistakes can spoil your results. You want to stop destructive legal conflict that increases legal costs. Mediation mistakes can also prevent reconciliation. You can salvage your relationships at mediation if you act appropriately. If you don’t understand…
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Can Mediation Resolve Estate Disputes?

Clients wonder how mediation works in estate cases. As an estate lawyer, I use mediation to resolve clients’ estate disputes. Want to learn more about mediation? Read this preliminary letter I sent to Joan (a fictional client) before her mediation.   Dear Joan,   You will be…
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Using White Flags in Lawsuits

Do you remember scenes in war movies where soldiers approach the enemy, unarmed, holding a tattered white sheet? In war zones, when you raise the white flag, it means you can’t fire your weapons or be fired upon.  The improper use of the white flag is forbidden….
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“Can You Negotiate Instead?”

Have you ever tried to solve a disagreement by arguing with a person? Your attitude, facial expressions and tone of voice may have made things worse. You end up angering that person, making it impossible to bring them to the table. So, how do you negotiate with…
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Are You Ready for Trial?

The trial is scheduled by the trial co-ordinator’s office. Depending on the jurisdiction, a trial date may not be set until at least six months after the pre-trial conference. This wait depends again on the length of the trial and the number of witnesses you will have….
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