Category: Mediation

“Can You Negotiate Instead?”

Have you ever tried to solve a disagreement by arguing with a person? Your attitude, facial expressions and tone of voice may have made things worse. You end up angering that person, making it impossible to bring them to the table. So, how do you negotiate with… Read full article

Are You Ready for Trial?

The trial is scheduled by the trial co-ordinator’s office. Depending on the jurisdiction, a trial date may not be set until at least six months after the pre-trial conference. This wait depends again on the length of the trial and the number of witnesses you will have…. Read full article

Typical Steps in a Lawsuit

  Here is the sequence of steps in a typical lawsuit: 1. Pleadings – set out all claims and defences 2. Production of evidence 3. Discovery/Deposition – cross-examination under oath 4. Undertakings – for further material 5. Pre-trial Conference with a judge 6. Trial and Judge’s Decision… Read full article

Why Do Most Cases Settle?

Q: Why do so many legal disputes never get to the courtroom to be resolved? A: You stop paying someone to bang your head against a wall. Cases settle before trial because you risk so much if you lose. You could end up paying your lawyer and… Read full article

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