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The 7 Biggest Estate Planning Blunders

Problems can occur whenever someone else must try to interpret what you want done. If you don’t bother making an estate plan, the government will provide one by default. Their idea of what happens to your money leaves no room for your personal wishes, tax savings or…
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Costly Mistakes Ontario Executors Must Avoid

Executors must not … Your Executor Duties Make You Responsible for Your Mistakes Handling an estate is complicated. Research proves that people don’t know what to do. Read my free report, Suddenly You’re an Ontario Executor. You will learn how to: · reduce the stress of being…
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You Can Stop Worrying About Your Estate Questions

Are you involved in an estate? You may be nervous, stressed, and overwhelmed. You do not want to make costly mistakes or need to start over. Welcome to I am Ed Olkovich, an author, lawyer, and Certified Estate Specialist. I know every estate has different challenges…
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